Premature Ejaculation Article

The pressures of a high-achieving career have resulted in more young career men seeking treatment for premature ejaculation, says Sheldon 0. Burman, M.D., director of the Male Sexual Dysfunction Institute in Chicago.

“Men who become premature ejaculators are often re-sponding to an unhealthy lifestyle, particularly stress on the job or in a personal relationship,” says Dr. Burman. “Those at high risk include men who don’t handle stress well, can’t relax, have too much work and constantly feel hurried.”

Other factors that can play hell with your sex life include excessive smoking or consumption of alcohol or drugs. Even being on a poor diet or being overweight can cause premature ejaculation and other forms of impotence, which affect more than 20 million American men.

Premature ejaculation can be particularly straining on a relationship. “Women bear a special hardship in cases of premature ejaculation because they are often hurt the most by the problem,” says Dr. Burman. “Frequently, when a man regularly ejaculates prematurely, he shuns all forms of intimacy and communication. The woman feels rejected and wonders whether she has become unattractive to him. She begins feeling guilty, thinking she has done something to upset him. And then she becomes suspicious, wondering if he has a girlfriend somewhere.”

If the problem isn’t psychological, treatment for premature ejaculation usually consists of learning how to handle stress or making other lifestyle changes-including things you’d never think to associate with sex, such as quitting smoking and improving your diet.